The First 10 Digits of Everything Bracelet by noomeralz / 5mm Leather Cord / Stainless Steel / Laser Engraved / Unisex


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This listing is for one The First 10 Digits of Everything bracelet.

The First 10 Digits of Everything bracelet is a unique leather cord bracelet with a unique stainless steel pendant that displays the first 10 digits of the world's most famous mathematical constants - or at least six of those constants. The digits are laser engraved and appear black against the stainless steel. The pendant is actually a piece of stainless steel hardware and has a rougher look than the average stainless steel jewelry.


-5mm Leather cord necklace. 7 or 8 inch lengths available.
-Stainless steel clasp.
-Uncoated stainless steel hardware pendant. Pendant length is 1.2 inches, height is .4 inches.
-Laser engraved digits of six mathematical constants (The first 10 digits of each). They are Pi, e, Golden Ratio, Square Root of 2, Apéry's constant, and the Euler-Mascheroni constant. The digit engravings are black.
-Intended for Men and Women.

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