The "E Doesn't Equal MC Cubed" Necklace by noomeralz / X-Large Stainless Steel Dog Tag / Brushed Finish / Laser Engraved / Unisex


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This listing is for one "E Doesn't Equal MC Cubed" necklace. For personalization, please see our other listings.

Einstein happens to be my favorite cosmologist and scientist. I want to wear something with E=mc^2 but it seems kind of been there done that. It's cool but pretty common. So I started thinking about the time before Einstein came up with the equation that eventually led to E=mc^2, and though fictional it may be, I imagine the process of first eliminating other possibilities such as mc^3. But that's just me putting a spin on it that makes it a bit less common. This necklace will likely make some people go "huh?". I like that.

If you're looking for a different take on E=mc^2, then consider this beautiful and fun necklace.

More details about The First Pi Digits of Pi Necklace:

-All components are stainless steel, including the pinch bail.
-Dog Tag Dimensions: 50mm x 30mm x 2.6mm thickness. The dog tag weight is 28.5 grams. This is a substantive dog tag pendant. Check our other listings if you want a smaller or thinner dog tag.
-Dog Tag Finish: Brushed finish - still very smooth and reflective, but not quite a Mirror finish. They are flat, with no bevel.
-Dog Tag Shape: Rounded Rectangle
-Black laser engraved contents.
-Stainless Steel Chain Options: See photos and style reference below.

***Style Reference
-Style 1: Stainless Steel Rounded Box Chain Necklace, with Lobster Claw Clasp. 29.5inch length, 2.5mm thickness/diameter
-Style 2: Stainless Steel Fancy Ball Chain Necklace. 23.6inch length, 3mm ball diameter
-Style 3: Stainless Steel Oval Link Chain Necklace, with Lobster Claw Clasp. 23.6inch length. Each link is 13mm x 6mm. The dog tag hangs from a large brass jump ring.
-Style 4: Stainless Steel Rounded Box Chain Necklace, with Lobster Claw Clasp. 19.7inch length, 3mm thickness/diameter (Not shown in chain options photo yet).

Check our other listings for additional dog tag and necklace options.

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